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Mae Krell Blooms With ‘garden’

There is truly not a voice quite like the one Mae Krell has. Their point of view is incredibly distinct. Krell’s style is a stunning combination of polish and raw emotion. Their music has seen an influx of popularity recently. Indeed, their new single ‘garden’ feels like the natural next step in their musical career. Mae Krell’s ‘garden’ ties into their own personal history as an artist.

Yet, ‘garden’ is also incredibly assessable to a larger audience. There is an element of a deep connection between the single ‘garden’ and the listener because we have all experienced what Mae Krell is singing about. ‘garden’ discusses the experience of letting go while also not feeling certain that letting go is the right thing to do. Letting go, no matter how small or large the act is, will often lead to a gnawing sensation of doubt. How will I exist without this? In what ways will my life change? Will I cope? Is it worth it?

While ‘garden’ does not seek to answer these questions, it comforts us because we are not alone in our fear. Krell’s ‘garden’ captures the very specific emotion between anxiety and excitement, and it is not an easy sensation to keep a grasp on. Krell somehow does.

Mae Krell occupies a very beautiful place in the alternative scene, emphasizing their vocals on equal footing with their lyrics. The indie sound in modern music is taking off at rocket speed, and Mae Krell is at the height of their musical power in this scene.

Krell’s emphasizes how a community can be created around music. Their music is able to bring people together and show how we can hold each other up against the cruelties of this world. Krell’s ‘garden’ is one of the best, most exciting songs that manages to be moving and light simultaneously.

Keep an eye on Mae Krell, their career is one you will not want to miss out on.

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