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The Smooth Musings of Bluestaeb Available on New LP

The infectious and diverse genius of Bluestaeb is here again with the new LP, Everything Is Always A Process.   Known for his inclinations toward experimentation and uber-cool production, Bluestaeb does not fail to push the boundaries of his own creative limits and those he collaborates with. The names that appear on the album include Noah […]


Capyac Stirs Up New Track ‘Fade Out’ from Their Melting Pot

Capyac and RuDi Devino have teamed up to make a next-level track titled “Fade Out”. The funky tune is an all around fun song, loaded with a new-age mix of jazz, R&B, and electronic music. The impressive mixture of bass and soprano vocals perfectly pair with the melody. Together they’ve created a song definitely worth […]