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“Five Lights” from Ron Brunk

Instrumentally, to say that the new single “Five Lights” from Ron Brunk is an intriguing number really wouldn’t be doing it justice; although primarily drawn from indie rock influences, this is a track that takes a little more from pop and retro garage rock than it initially suggests on the surface level. The cosmetics here are subtle,

“Now Repeating” by Ron Brunk

In the tradition of self-aware songwriting as pioneered by the likes of Bob and Woody, sans the acoustic guitars in this instance, a new generation of poetic aesthetics has penetrated the pop sphere like nothing else has in 2023, and it doesn’t take much more than a single sit down with a spoken word piece

“Tub of Love” by Ron Brunk

In the brand new single “Tub of Love,” the latest from songwriter Ron Brunk, the astute singer submits a piano-riddled, rollicking lightning bolt of a song fashioned into three minutes of pure, unparalleled commentary that will spellbind all who hunger for a hype-worthy listen this summer. Effervescent in tone and efficient in construction, the keys help