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Taking A Break From Practicing To Get Better

Anybody with experience practicing a musical instrument knows that taking a break from practicing is almost as important as practicing itself! Burnout and boredom are very real barriers to learning a musical instrument to the best of your ability, so taking some time off is key in getting better and better. As with most things

Sensational concerts and events in Las Vegas

In no other city is there such a wide range of sensational concerts and brilliant live shows as in Las Vegas. The city is also known as the number 1 entertainment metropolis in the world and home to dozens of incredible shows and events with something for everyone.  Every year over 40 million tourists fulfill

Hyperpop – the Digital Genre Continues To Grow

Although it should be obvious, it’s never a bad idea to reiterate that the “pop” part in “pop music” comes from the word “popular”. It is an umbrella term that emerged in the late 1950s to describe music that combines a simple verse-chorus structure with elements borrowed from other popular genres like rock, dance, and