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Benefits to Getting Guitar Lessons Online

Before we look into the best benefits of getting guitar lessons online, we should explore the many benefits of getting guitar lessons in the first place! Learning music can be and is beneficial to many areas of your life in a number of ways – it can increase your confidence, allow you to truly express

20 Best Songs to Improve Your Workout Session

Music can stimulate energy, help you keep the morale high and provide you with the extra pang of hormones to keep you going. Music motivates exercise and helps kill any sudden desires to break off from schedule. Here are twenty great songs that can help you out. 1. Snoop Dogg & David Guetta – ‘Sweat’

Big Apple Comic Set For March 9th-10th

Music and comics have always had a connection. With the rise in great comic book movies and television series, this symbiotic relationship has grown closer and closer. Many of us music nerds can also be classified as comic book nerds. Amazing art hits all our senses. Next week in New York City, the Big Apple