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Bands Must Make The Best Of Tough Times

This is a very interesting and difficult time for musicians. We always try to put all our effort into what we do but currently, there are governmental restrictions on what we can actually do. Hopefully, we can all take this time to appreciate all the things we can do when things get back to normal

Lil Sebby Welcomes Us To “Sebbrooklyn”

Coming off a strong debut – on which he amassed over 50,000 + organic streams across all platforms with his “The Sebbalution!*” release – Lil Sebby is poised to make an even deeper impact on the musical landscape on this fire new record – which chronicles his life from buzz building beginnings in the 617

Find The Sounds You Need With Producer Shop

Music is everywhere around us. Even when it is not at the forefront, music is there in the background to add another layer to the entertainment. There are tons of music producers, vocalists, DJs and filmmakers out there looking for background music for videos or original songs. We recently came across new platform Producer Shop