Nicolás Halaban Amazes With ‘Petrushka Underwater’

Nicolás Halaban

We live in a world of amazing things. Whether it is sounds, sights, or smells, our senses are treated to so much beauty that we often take it for granted. This is a shame. Our recent discovery Nicolás Halaban is trying to end that. 

The 31 year old is a video editor from Córdoba City in Argentina. Nicolás Halaban has taken his love of music and imagery and combined them to create videos that add to the power of both disciplines. He has made hundreds of videos with this in mind creating an amazing portfolio of his talents.

The latest video creation by Nicolás Halaban is his unique vision of “Petrushka (Underwater)” with the music of famed Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The original ballet soundtrack was written in 1911 and was one of the pivotal turning points towards modernist music. Halaban’s video brings Stravinsky’s exhilarating orchestral masterpiece to life against a backdrop of serene and captivating underwater scenes. He has found that the epic and cinematic sounds of classical music work best with his imaginative vision.

Nicolás Halaban uses the seismic shifts in the soundtrack as movements in his video editing. Pairing the beauty of marine life as the music moves makes it seem like the music was written for the video. That is quite a feat. Through the 6 and a half minute video you find yourself unable to turn away. Sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and a wide assortment of other sea life demand your attention as the music builds. 

Truly a treat for both the eyes and the ears, this version of “Petrushka (Underwater)” by Nicolás Halaban is astonishing. Keep up with more work from the talented video editor on his INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE channels. 

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