Jesse James Allen creates epic masterpiece, In The Company of Machines.

Jesse James Allen

Some musicians out there are true gear heads. They can tell you what kind of instruments/hardware are used when listening to a record. I find it fascinating. Our featured artist, Jesse James Allen is 100%, a synth gear head. His new album In The Company of Machines is a synth orchestra. I found the inclusion of every synth used on a list in the album’s press release to read like a wish list for synth enthusiasts. Arsenal aside, Jesse’s savvy music production is what this conversation is about. Synths set a vibe, an atmosphere. Here, Jesse James Allen creates another dimension.

“Fata Morgana” is an interstellar travel experience. As the song played, my imagination went wild. Captains log: “Our spaceship lands on an alien surface. As the doors open our jaws drop. We view the terrestrial landscape from our ship’s hull in sheer disbelief.  Praying before exiting our craft, our journey ensues. Pushing through the planet’s punishing terrain, attrition sets in, but the crew holds steadfast. Finally, a break from the voyage’s brutal conditions. Must be a gift from the gods. The crew take shelter and hope for more good news”. And… cut. 

I mentioned earlier Jesse’s music production savviness, “Nightfall in Formentera” is a prime example. Jesse teams up with Flamenco guitarist Don Soledad. Don’s guitar notes cut through the atmospheric river of sounds like Magellan’s ship rounding the Cape of Good Hope. Jesse’s production plays the background perfectly. The productions subtle notes add profound weight and depth. Richness and perfection come together like a Ferrero Rocher.

A dedicated drum loop makes “The Celestial” the most straightforward single. I love the way the song’s layers are intuitively deployed. Those sounds are special. Exactly the sounds I want to hear when I close my eyes and let my mind drift. A trip hop vibe is always welcomed around here. Grab a chair. 

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  1. jeremy russell

    Jesse Allen James, a Dear friend has always set the stage for many amazing journey’s composed on Synth’s and Fanta Morgan is addition to many creation’s.
    It pulls me in at 3am in the morning while I’m working on project’s and is responsible for setting the atmosphere and mood.