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“All I Know” About The Ghost Club

The Ghost Club is an up incoming alt-pop act created by singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Domenic Dunegan. His music is unique and refreshing for the alternative music scene because of his contagious anthems and intriguing lyrics. Domenic was inspired by how impactful music can be after attending a Bruce Springsteen concert in 2016. At

Gazi is Officially ‘On The Verge’

As the tools for creating music become more and more accessible the line between Artist and Producer has faded away. Now a songwriter can take a song idea from a melody in his head to a fully produced product ready for release to the world. Our recent discovery Gazi seems to be a great example

Liberty Makes Her Mark With New Single “Tattoo”

The stigma around tattoos is changing from blurry connotations of gangs and prisons to conceptualized, precise art. Liberty Roche’s new single shares the same name and draws many similarities. This track was formulated through a distinct artistic process and has an equally long-lasting effect. With its dark synthwave sound, “Tattoo” stands out in your mind