Aaron Wyanski delivers Hitchcock suspense in SCHOENBERG: Drei Klavierstucke, Op. 11 EP.

Being a music promoter was key in my discovery of new music. The need to pass out fliers was real. One day, I walked into a packed club. Crazy packed. I had no clue what genre the music fell under or who was performing. Easily one of the most memorable Monday nights in my life. The lesson was amazingness is happening at all times. Recently, more amazingness caught my attention. Pianist, composer, teacher Aaron Wyanski has been busy. His focus falls in the jazz/classical world and beyond. Not many can claim they’ve been onstage at the CBGB. Nor can they tout compositions premiering at Carnegie Hall. Aaron Wyanski can. He stays immersed in all things jazz/classical. His new EP, SCHOENBERG: Drei Klaviersrtucke, Op. 11 is out now. We are here to talk about it. 

SCHOENBERG: Drei Klavierstrucke, Op. 11 is a three-song experience. Upon pressing play, xylophone sounds ring aloud like custom doorbell chimes. A light shuffling drumbeat keeps us on schedule. The horns are the main course, providing plenty to please our appetite. Suspense is the emotion “MaBige” evokes. Always keeping us on our toes, awaiting the next turn. 

Leaning into suspense and taking it up a notch is “Sir Langsam”. This single reminds me watching a scary movie in absolute darkness. Ominous notes with Beetlejuice flair blast from the speakers. The tenor is tense. Stringed instruments carry us from start to finish. Grab a flashlight and hold on tight.

Our listening experience ends with “Bewegte”. A retro and rhythmic composition falling somewhere between Peter and The Wolf meets I Love Lucy. There’s a bit of Havana flavor to this track. Makes me want to get up and do a little dance. Short and sweet. Aaron does the proverbial “mic drop” leaving us craving for an encore. 

Aaron Wyanski takes us into his world. His music is cutting edge, pushing the limits of jazz. I’ve never heard jazz be driven by cinematic suspense. I’m curious as to the writing and execution of the music. How many members are contributing. What is their approach in the studio? Do they play together or record separately? An interview may be in order. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this pre 1950’s underground jazz vibe. I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille…

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