Radha Thomas Shows Off Talents on ‘As I Sing’

Radha Thomas

Musical talent is truly a worldwide phenomenon. A real music lover must open their horizons way beyond what the local mainstream radio has to offer. The wide net of indie Band Guru recently discovered the amazing vocal talents of Radha Thomas.

The multi-talented artist is a singer, composer, arranger, and band leader. Radha Thomas was born in Tamil Nadu, India and grew up in Mumbai and Delhi. Jazz became her passion at a young age. Opportunities were limited in India so Radha left for the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a Jazz singer. She spent 20 years in New York perfecting her craft among the Jazz clubs at night while working a variety of ‘day jobs’ to fuel her passion. 

Radha Thomas has since returned to India and has become a Jazz highlight in her home country. In fact she was selected as a Jazz ambassador by the Indian Council For Cultural Affairs. Her latest album As I Sing is a testament to her true love for Jazz.

The 10-track album is a masterclass in reinterpreting jazz classics. A heartfelt tribute and a showcase of Radha Thomas’s remarkable talent as a vocalist. The album features a pairing with four different guitarists, each a master in their own right. This variety keeps things fresh, with each track offering a unique interplay between Thomas’s voice and the guitarist’s accompaniment.  

However, the true star is Radha Thomas herself.  Her voice is rich and nuanced, capable of conveying both delicate emotions and soaring power.  Particularly impressive is her ability to add a layer of improvisation to these classic songs that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Reimagined Gems

The tracklist is a selection of beloved jazz standards,  including “Summertime,” “It Could Happen To You,” and “Autumn Leaves.”  Thomas doesn’t simply mimic the originals; she infuses each song with her own personality and interpretation.  For instance,  her scatting on “Summertime” takes a familiar melody and transforms it into something fresh and unexpected.

A Celebration of Collaboration

While Radha Thomas is the clear focal point, the guitarists deserve recognition for their contributions.  They provide a perfect foil for her vocals, creating a dynamic and engaging soundscape.  The interplay between the vocals and guitar pairs perfectly without any additional instrumentation filling in the space.

The elegant delivery of “Daahoud” shows tremendous vocal skills as the skats along with the sensuous guitar work of Reg Schwager (four-time winner of Canada’s National Jazz Award for Guitarist of the Year.) 

Overall As I Sing is a remarkable love letter to jazz standards, delivered with passion and expertise. A testament to the timeless beauty of Jazz and the power of a truly gifted vocalist.

When seeking a relaxing journey into Jazz head over to the WEBSITE of Radha Thomas and learn more about the truly talented individual.

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