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Indie Band Guru is a Music Review Blog and Artist Development Company focused on helping independent bands build their careers and get the exposure they deserve. Every band needs a little help.

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The Indie Band Guru is here to help introduce you to great new independent music. We also provide tips on how to advance your own music career with promotion and marketing advice.

We offer all kinds of services to help independent bands get noticed and expand their fanbase and are expanding these services all the time. Let us know what you need help with and we will make it happen.  Come along for the ride as we build our team and help all the hard-working bands out there striving for more.

About The Staff At Indie Band Guru


Keith Profeta – Founder – CEO

Keith ProA true music lover who has held many positions throughout the music industry.  The music business is as much a passion as the music itself.

‘He has loved music more than anything since he was a baby’, says his mother.  She says ‘Keith used to demand that she put on the Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon album while he lay on the shag carpet and stare at the ceiling.’

Jumping in and out of bands starting at age 16, Keith never really found his true calling in front of the microphone.  At that point he started managing a friend’s band, handling all the behind the scenes work in making the band a success.  Never being satisfied, Keith started a fanzine to find more great music and reviewed 100’s of band’s demos, offering them straightforward tips on how to get to the next level in their careers.  A few bands really struck and he was signed on to be a promoter for them eventually turning it into a full-time booking agency working for a few bands and becoming the sole booking agent for a few venues in New York City.

To expand his knowledge Keith then attended the Berklee College of Music and earned a degree in Music Business.  This led to a position at a music marketing firm in Manhattan to continue learning about the business side of music.  Trying to take it to the next level an indie record label/management company was formed to help bands achieve success in the drastically changing music industry.  There were some ups and downs and more lessons were learned. Today the dream continues at Indie Band Guru, staying busy in music and helping guide musicians to the promised land of a successful career in music.

Sam Reed –  Lead Editor – Photographer – Publicist

Sam ReedFueled by a passion and the sense of comfort found in music, Sam Reed has nearly six years invested into working in the music industry. Coming from Buffalo, NY, a much smaller music city than most, she has spent years traveling across the country to chase music and cities where it emanates strongest while maintaining a strong sense of home and community among the underdogs. As a lifelong fan of the live concert experience, it was a seamless transition into live music photography and journalism. Traversing festivals and providing content for multiple publications over the years, she takes pride in highlighting acts of every size and genre and finding a unique light to feature them in. When she isn’t working with Indie Band Guru, Sam also spends a great deal of time working alongside Girls Behind The Rock Show, a non-profit agency that supports and empowers women in music, combining her passions with her drive to help people. You can follow Sam on her socials, @samreedphoto across all platforms!

—-and a slew of writers that help us cover as much great music as we can!