digital marketing for independent bands

When you’re a rising artist or band on the independent music scene, it’s difficult enough to manage all the aspects of your musical career without having to sacrifice the time and effort to do the marketing and planning work. We know you would rather put that time into your true passion: making music. You can also start your own business in music industry and get your business registered from the best LLC formation services available.

That’s where Indie Band Guru comes in. We are a boutique agency offering the needed services for independent bands and artists—but most importantly, we are a group of music lovers, snobs, and buffs, who share your same passion for the independent music scene. We want to work with you to create a personalized approach towards successful marketing and help you unleash the full potential of your music career.

After over a decade on the media side of the music business, we have learned quite a lot. Both what works and what doesn’t. Spreading and sharing this knowledge has become our passion. When we see an artist willing to put in the hard work needed to build a successful career, we want to be an asset and help guide them in the right direction.

Over that time we have also made some amazing connections within the music industry. Other people that feel the same about the growth of the independent music industry as we do. These friends include Artist Managers, PR Professionals, Bloggers, Radio Show Hosts, Industry Professionals, and highly successful artists.

We have recently moved into other ways that we can aid independent artists on the rise. In addition to helping out with Artist Bios, Press Releases and Feature Reviews, Indie Band Guru is now working with select bands in Public Relations and Artist Development Management roles.

Indie Band Guru Public Relations

Our experience over the past 12 years running the Indie Band Guru music blog has given us a ton of insight into the process of how artists attempt to get media coverage. Weeding through hundreds of submissions per day has allowed us to determine the best practices that really work.

We will work closely alongside your band to develop a plan that will properly and uniquely market your music. Crafting artist biographies, press releases, one sheets, social media content, etc will set you up with all the needed pieces. Full publicity campaigns will reach out to our strong network of bloggers, curators, and other industry pros to highlight your project and get it the exposure it deserves.

Artist Development Management

We find many artists come to IndieBandGuru looking for guidance and think finding a manager is the answer to their problems. It is not. In today’s music industry, an artist needs to have all their own pieces in place before a manager or label will join in the party. 

This is where we come in. We specialize in helping bands create a roadmap to build their own independent business. Together we develop a step by step plan to reach your goals. You will need to work but we will be there every step of the way as a guiding light.

Content Writing Services:

 –Artist Bios, Social Media, Press Releases, EPKs, etc

The written word content about you may reach an audience long before your music does. This is why we help get your name out there, in the best way possible to get the public to learn about YOU. We do this all while optimizing your content for maximum findability online with SEO and Google Search algorithms at the forefront. Our long experience writing for both sides of the music industry gives us an upper hand on what gets attention.

Strategy Consultation

Marketing and branding for independent bands is one of the toughest things to accomplish. We’ll collaborate with you to come up with the ideal plan to increase brand awareness, help engage your fans, and promote your shows, and, of course, your music. No formula for success is identical. That is why we want to help you establish and achieve your own goals on your own terms.

Music Review Features

Everyone thinks their own band is great; and, honestly, why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, whether you actually are the world’s best artist or not, people will always be skeptical, which is why you need outside opinions. is here to help with that. We leverage the power of the Indie Band Guru blog and our sizable audience to start building to your list of links and reviews.  We have built a network of additional writers, bloggers, and websites that will help get your music in front of even more potential fans.

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There’s no better time to get started than now. If you have any questions about our services, pricing, the specifics of your situation, or any other questions about marketing for independent bands, simply contact us. We’ll get back to you shortly.  We want to share our passion and knowledge with you and see you reach success.