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Don’t Get Caught “Waiting” On KIAN

A powerhouse voice with lyrical vulnerability and wisdom beyond his years; 16-year-old KIAN has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Australia. KIAN made his introduction as a solo artist on “Too Far Gone” with Vince the Kid in 2018 before taking over airwaves with his single “Waiting.” With over 50 million streams

MetronOhm Won’t Leave You “Without Without”

Los Angeles up-and-comer’s MetronOhmhave been diligently working the DIY space within the city, ready to make an impression on the industry. Combining elements of soul, pop, and funk, MetronOhm bends genres to create a new listening experience. Recently, the trio worked together to create “Without Without” a single that was completely produced by the band

Interview – Cisco Adler

Cisco Adler has a history deeply intertwined within the music industry; spending a better part of his life performing and producing music across many different genres. His most prominent works include his part in the beach-rap duo Shwayze as well as producing for the likes of Mike Posner, Cody Simpson, G-Eazy, Adam Lambert, and more.