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‘Desert Heat’ Heats Things Up For the Michigan Rattlers

‘Desert Heat,’ A New Single ‘Desert Heat’ is a new release from the band Michigan Rattlers. Michigan Rattlers is a genuine rock band, and ‘Desert Heat’ fuses the vintage use of the guitar with pop-style catchy lyrics. Michigan Rattlers evokes imagery of The Eagles and Alabama. The band combines classic rock with their own signature

‘Powers Collides’ Combines Retro Rock With A Modern Flare

‘Powers Collide’ is a new release from Them Vibes, already making waves in the rock-and-roll scene. Them Vibes has its roots planted deeply in vintage rock with branches stretching toward the psychedelic sound. The clearest inspiration for ‘Powers Collide’ is Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Superfly.’ Superfly is an important piece of musical art that the band melds

Filmspeed Proves They Are Not ‘Brain Dead’

Filmspeed is a band build on the power of classic rock with the new-age spirit of modern indie. Their style is one of alternatives, Filmspeed does not rely on the typical tunes that dominate today’s music. There is not a song that exemplifies this style more than Filmspeed’s new single Brain Dead. Perhaps evoking images