Quarantine Anthem ‘Within Walls’ by Sinistra

The new single ‘Within Walls’ by Sinistra puts the feeling of being quarantined to music. Situated strongly in the alternative scene, Sinistra wrote this song in March – when social isolation was still in the early stages.

The song itself is both melancholy and soothing. It saturates the listener with an uncanny sense of nostalgia. Yet, it is also incredibly timely. The alternative pop/grunge is a versatile genre with a great deal of room for experimentation. Sinistra takes every opportunity to bend the style to fit his own.

Sinistra’s latest powerful video

‘Within Walls’ is the kind of tune that has something for everyone. It takes all of the rawness of grunge and combines it with the catchy rhythm of alternative pop. The singer’s voice also meshes perfectly with the music, creating a beautifully polished song.

As the quarantine continues and COVID-19 continues to drag on, it is easy to forget about one’s mental health. Music is an excellent way to find catharsis. ‘Within Walls’ is a prime example. Sinistra perfectly captures the feeling of being locked in with yourself.

Prior to the quarantine, we had a variety of outlets to help us cope with our stressors. However, during the pandemic, music has been one of the only consistent forms of art that we have left. It is incredibly refreshing for Sinistra to offer a tune as honest as this one.

‘Within Walls’ has an exceptional smoothness that lulls the listener into what is almost a trance state. Once there, the song unabashedly addresses the mental toll of simply existing in 2020. Being confined to one’s home also means that you get trapped with intrusive thoughts. ‘Within Walls’ is a song that makes you feel heard even while being alone.

As we all try to work through this incredibly bizarre year, we cannot forget to put our own mental health first. Sinistra takes the time to remind us of that. Keep up with more from this truly terrific artist HERE.

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