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‘The Lullaby’ by Rose Cousins Will Wake You Up

Rose Cousins’ ‘The Lullaby (My Oldest Love)’ has just arrived on the music scene and is already distinctly in its own category. ‘The Lullaby’ is all at once deeply personal and relatable. Indeed, ‘The Lullaby’ lives up to its name. It has a raw, heartbreaking strength that brings the listener back to the blurry days

‘Desert Heat’ Heats Things Up For the Michigan Rattlers

‘Desert Heat,’ A New Single ‘Desert Heat’ is a new release from the band Michigan Rattlers. Michigan Rattlers is a genuine rock band, and ‘Desert Heat’ fuses the vintage use of the guitar with pop-style catchy lyrics. Michigan Rattlers evokes imagery of The Eagles and Alabama. The band combines classic rock with their own signature