The Rise of Online Radio – How it is Revolutionizing the Indie Music Industry Today

Online Radio

Music holds the power to unite the world, and online radio has been a viable means of spreading emerging music throughout. The University of Minnesota states that the music industry contributes to the high-level growth of independent national music stars – The bulk of this chunk comes from independent music artists that sell their music online. Today, radio connects people from all over the globe with their favorite artists and music creators, building long-term relations that mark the importance of online radio in changing the indie music industry and unlocking the true music potential of music lovers. Many people believe that the demand for traditional radio is diminished. However, the demand for online radio is surging high, and these are its advantages to the indie music industry

Increasing Number of Radio Stations

Online radio is a goldmine for independent artists and video creators because of the increasing number of stations on a regular basis. Statista reveals that online radio accounts for over $585 million worth of music streaming annually. In Addition to the increased stations, many popular DJs have emerged that run these stations and have followed their fan base. Music lovers from all over the globe tune in to listen to their favorite DJs and song recommendations, further making independent artists’ music shine.

Build Specific Audience Groups

DAB radios greatly help indie artists to build their own fandom of the people who resonate with their music. The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance states that one of the most important aspects of making it big as an independent artist is creating your promotional assets and marketing them to a specific target audience that truly connects with you. With access to the radio, indie artists can filter their music according to location and make it genre-specific, allowing them to gather massive followers at a surging rate. 

Ease of Accessibility for Everyone, Everywhere

One of the most prominent reasons is the accessibility of online radio to the public, which makes it a true revolution to the indie music industry. A study by Al Jazeera reveals that over 75% of households have access to a radio, and with the advent of smartphones, this number will increase even more in the future. The ease of access, hence, allows people to easily tune in and listen to their favorite music releases from indie artists on the go.

Even though many people think that the sparking days for the radio are over, statistics suggest something totally opposite – With the rise of online radio, the indie music industry has been revolutionized, and more and more people listen to their favorite artists through this medium.

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