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Cookie & Lewie

Here at Indie Band Guru we are always out there trying to find great new music. With the massive amount of music released daily, it is impossible for us to listen to it all. (But trust me, we listen to an awful lot!). Even with all we do, we need to trust other tastemakers and influencers. A great one that we discovered recently is ‘The Cookie & Lewie Show’ on Hazy Lemon. 

With new podcasts and radio shows also popping up every day we are glad that this one reached out to us directly. ‘The Cookie & Lewie Show’ On Hazy Lemon is a non-profit podcast hosted by true music lovers who actually enjoy sharing new songs with listeners. Mainstream radio (and even satellite radio at this point) has become a stale list of songs that the stations just repeatedly play. And these lists seem to be getting shorter. It is not surprising to hear the same song every hour. Yuck!

Have a listen to a recent ‘Cookie & Lewie Show’ Here:

We had the chance to chat with Cookie & Lewie to get a little deeper into their minds and find out why they do what they do. Like music-minds must stick together.

Why did you start up the Cookie & Lewie show?

We started the podcast because we love music and first got going in 2018 playing 60’s & 70’s music and loved it but this year we decided to concentrate on unsigned and independent artists and indie music is our first love because we love melody in songs and guitars. So we try our best to find or approach artists that have something to offer and the music speaks for us so being able to introduce new artists to our listeners is a dream come true 

How can artists get in touch with you to share music for consideration?

You can send us an email to [email protected] or send us the track on Twitter @hazylemonshow or our instagram

What are the future goals for the show?

We just want to have fun and get the show to where artists send us their tracks and we can grow our listeners which have become a family to us and become a community. We have just introduced interviewing artists to the show by giving them a ring. Keeping the show full of entertaining things like The Hazy Teaser and cookies fun facts. A show to kick back and enjoy. We don’t want much only to be the first podcast people turn to for a splendid time.


Most of you know that I am based in America, but I will go with the flow and guarantee a ‘splendid’ time if you give the Cookie & Lewie show a listen. Songs are shared from all over the world that truly deserve a listen. Pair that with some short banter between friends and you have a solid show to enjoy. 

‘The Cookie & Lewie Show’ On Hazy Lemon is available on all major download sites as well as Soundcloud. Dive in and give it a listen.

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