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Jack Bruno Works With The Strokes On New Single ‘Someday (Before U Get Bored)’

‘Someday (Before U Get Bored)’ by Jack Bruno has a sheer power that lies in the sound. Melding the alternative nature of Nirvana with modern pop-hip-hop, Bruno creates a sound that is distinctly his. Bruno is not completely new on the music scene, having made waves since his teen years. The style of Bruno has

‘The Lullaby’ by Rose Cousins Will Wake You Up

Rose Cousins’ ‘The Lullaby (My Oldest Love)’ has just arrived on the music scene and is already distinctly in its own category. ‘The Lullaby’ is all at once deeply personal and relatable. Indeed, ‘The Lullaby’ lives up to its name. It has a raw, heartbreaking strength that brings the listener back to the blurry days