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God Of Love Suggest You “Do Your Worst”

God of Love drop new album Do Your Worst Like a glimpse from beneath hangover-heavy eyelids, “Dallas Skyline” teases us with the promise of something beautiful on the other end of darkness if only we’re strong enough to seek it out. The same can be said for the structurally conflicted “Fingers Crossed” as well. Truth

Barry Muir Has “Weathered The Storm”

There aren’t as many detail-oriented players in the pop genre as there were, say, ten years ago, but that isn’t stopping Barry Muir from taking intricacies pretty seriously in his new single “Weathered the Storm.” Where a lot of artists would have streamlined the hook in this inviting new track, Muir works out a rigid

BD Gottfried Shares ‘Onion Doves’

Dirty synths, creeping melodies, and pulsating rhythms await in the dozen and one songs you’ll hear in the new record Onion Doves from BD Gottfried, but if you’re expecting a throwback to the post-punk grittiness of the 1980s in this all-new listening experience, you’re going to be a little disappointed. Rather than following the trend of his