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DUNxG Shows Off His “Evolution”

As a second generation hip-hop group, Oakland, CA’s DUNxG has a deep seeded history in music. DUNxG is compromised of S.O.T.U. (Son of the underground) and bandmate MEGA. Formed by the son of Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright of Digital Underground, S.O.T.U. was raised within the music industry and knew he had to continue on with

TWOFEW is a band worth ‘FightingFor’

Some of the most successful music projects come together in the most innocent and random ways. Being a working musician for a while will create tons of connections that seem to work their way back as time progresses. Our friend Michael-Jon Lazar has been in the game for quite a while and has a new

Feel The Power of ‘The Day the Lady Cried’

The Day the Lady Cried is the latest release from The Nied’s Hotel Band, featuring John Vento. Anyone familiar with John Vento’s solo work will immediately know that this is likely to be a very personal, specific song, especially when you know that the eponymous ‘Lady’ of the title is the Statue of Liberty. Visiting