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Sylvan Weekends takes us Headlong into the Unknown

In a short time, Sylvan Weekends formed and released their debut EP, Outliers. It delivered tracks featuring stunning vocals, singalong hooks and mesmerising soundtracks, giving us standout moments such as “Every Day” and “185”. But that’s only part of it, as Matthew, Freya, and Daniel have been busy on the road spreading their music to

Brynn Andre Marries Us With ‘Honeymoon’

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Brynn Andre releases Honeymoon, the next chapter in her story. As an artist, Brynn Andre debuted in 2010 with poignant songs about her 20’s. Her new album is a reflective and mature project that follows her story since her debut, tackling both hopes and uncertainty for what is happening and what comes next.

Sophia Agranovich Calls Us With Her ‘Love Serenade’

Even as music technology continues to increase at a rapid pace, there will always be something amazing about a classical instrumental piece. The talent to create this style of music without all the fancy modern techniques will always be classic. Our recent discovery of “Love Serenade” by Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah proves this point