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David Anthony Zee Truly ‘Can’t Sit Still’

There will always be something to be said about sticking with a craft for years. When there is a passion for something, keep doing it. Your skills, talent, and experience will continue to grow. Combine that with the strength to do your own thing and not conform to what ‘the masses’ want and you will

UniversalDice Releases “Once Upon A Time” 

In the vast cosmos of rock ‘n’ roll, where trends flicker and fade like stars in the night sky, UniversalDice emerges as a steady beacon of authenticity—a guiding light amidst the ever-changing landscape of the genre. With their latest single, “Once Upon A Time,” Gerry Dantone and company deliver a soul-stirring anthem that not only

Derek Frank Shares His ‘Origin Story’

The music business is much bigger than most people realize. There are so many talented musicians that play on the biggest records and on the biggest stages…… that go practically unnoticed. The happy life of the touring/studio musician. It is often a comfortable career doing what you do best. Playing music. But even after years