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Sharon Hendrix Says “Hold Me Tight”

A jazzy swing precludes the sultry melodic action soon to come pouring out of our speakers in the new single from Sharon Hendrix, “Hold Me Tight,” but while the beat in this track and its eroticized video is enough to draw us into the music, it’s not the sole source of catharsis in this mix

Radio Fly Is Here To Say “I’m The Best”

Jonathon Brannon is no stranger to the hip hop world. He’s got a keen ear for talent and a deep sense for collaboration that allows him to create enticing music with other people. Through that collaboration, Brannon has formed the hip hop group, Radio Fly. With Radio Fly, he and a rotating cast of rappers

Millionz of Bar$ Shares “Her Favorite”

Fusing together aesthetics from both the past and the present isn’t always an easy task, but one would never be able to guess as much just by listening to the new single “Her Favorite” by Millionz of Bar$. “Her Favorite” has a very new school lyrical presence executed by Millionz of Bar$ himself, but while