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Journos Shares their Voice on ‘In The Key Of WTF’

When a new musical spark is needed, there are few better answers than a collaboration. Each artist has specific and different talents to add. Combining these can often result in magic. The latest such team up we came across is the new project Journos. The charismatic and compelling duo is made up of award-winning journalist/lyricist

War Panties bask in a “Loving Sunshine Dream”

When I think of a “party band” two bands immediately come to mind. ZZ Top and Chromeo. I always thought Chromeo and ZZ Top sharing a bill would be the ultimate event. Does Coachella take suggestions… asking for a friend? I bring this up because Louisville Kentucky natives War Panties tap into this raucous party vibe.

Sp8ce Owl “Voices In My Head”

2022 hasn’t been the best all-around year for indie pop, but there’s no disputing that the new single from Sp8ce Owl, “Voices In My Head” is a diamond in the rough. Made up of a gorgeous duet between the instruments and a wordless vocal harmony, as well as a flood of dreamlike melodies as sexy