Les Fradkin Calls For Us To Come ‘Together’

Les Fradkin

The power of music is undeniable. Some artists have the ability to write songs that make people think and motivate society to be better. In what seems like an endless amount of songs, Les Fradkin is back with another classic in this mode on “Together.”

Now an Akademia 2023 Hall of Fame inductee, Les Fradkin continues to push forward in both his music and his hope for a better world. Together with his wife Loretta Fradkin, a long career of passionate music creation has been had. It seems like there is no slowing down. In fact songs that were written 2 decades ago have resurfaced as they fit society just as well now as they did back then.

New single “Together” was written by Les and Loretta Fradkin 20 years ago but seems to have predicted what the world needs today. The track explodes out of the gate with powerful drums and strong guitar. After grabbing the listener’s ear, Les uses his always mesmerizing voice to share his hopes and dreams for the world. If we all work together we can end the pains of war and poverty. He calls for everyone to sing along in a very “Give Peace A Chance’ moment. 

Les Fradkin has done it again with a song that creeps into your mind and carves out a space to keep repeating the melody. This talent of writing memorable songs does not go unnoticed by this reviewer! We expect no less for Les and will be on the lookout for more music coming soon.

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