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Steve Noonan Brings Us To ‘Dreamland’

Becoming a talented musician with a great ear takes a lot of time. Spending time hearing other artists and absorbing their influence is a big art of this. This is why it is important for anyone with a dream of making music to become part of the scene and work with as many artists as

Aura Davis Shows You “What You Love”

Aura Davis is back with a vengeance. After over a decade away from music to focus on herself, she’s back and she’s ready to make a name for herself. With guitar in hand, she’s been hard at work channeling her talents into new releases for fans. One of her latest singles, “What You Love” provides

WNTR PPPR Is Quite A ‘Good Man’

We all are influenced by music in different ways as we grow up. We are also influenced by how we experience that music. Sitting in a room by yourself with a record on is much different than being at a concert absorbing the music in a live setting. Both situations have their benefits, but will