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Fox Opens Up With ‘Elements’

Music means so much to so many of us as we develop. Sometimes so much that we decide to take our love of listening and switch into creating music. Our new discovery Fox decided to contribute to the medium that meant so much to him throughout his life with his first array into songwriting.  Fox

Moody Bank$ is ‘Feeling Colors’

When words fail, people have always turned to colors to try and describe how they feel. For example, feeling blue means you are down. Feeling Colors is Moody Bank$’s latest EP featuring nine tracks. From the album art to Feeling Colours, you can already tell the EP will burst with emotions.  Moody Bank$ serves us

Journos Shares their Voice on ‘In The Key Of WTF’

When a new musical spark is needed, there are few better answers than a collaboration. Each artist has specific and different talents to add. Combining these can often result in magic. The latest such team up we came across is the new project Journos. The charismatic and compelling duo is made up of award-winning journalist/lyricist