Shoot Me!!! by Electric Peace runs rampant.

Electric Peace

To live a life in music. Being a part of the music business is an adventure unto itself. In this adventure we experience things that most won’t. Navigating the good and bad times become phenomenal memories we take to the grave. Those memories/stories will be worth more than gold when we rest for eternity. There is something extra juicy about a Los Angeles story. Through their longevity in the L.A. music scene, Electric Peace have a few to tell. These guys are old school L.A. rockers. You can hear it by the way they play. When you check out their new album, Shoot Me!!! you’ll understand.

“Prince of Death on the Freeway” comes roaring through the speakers. A raw rock vibe from the 70’s/80’s runs rampant like an outlaw biker gang. The guitars naturally lead the way. Yet it’s the organ doing the heavy lifting. That ubiquitous organ thickens verses and lays down counter melodies. Brian Kild’s vocals are delivered with attitude, as they should. 

Feel the raw rock energy of Electric Peace

A little different than the others but still uniquely Electric Peace is “Every Night I Pray To God I Die”. Here, the vocals take the reins. They lead the attack with flair reminiscent of AC/DC meets Twisted Sister. Brian pushes the vocal line to the precipice behind a wall of blazing guitars. Once again, the organ shines. Organ solo? Yes please. 

Psychedelic druggy syrup arrives courtesy of “You Hear Them Coming”. From the moment I hit play, images of downtown L.A. circa 1970’s flood my mind. Every musical component shines. That bassline is everything. Brian’s bassline pulls, and accent notes more than satisfy our ear candy cravings. These bass guitar notes are the adhesive that binds the flow like slow curing cement. 

I am an avid fan of documentaries. A well-made documentary can give one a sense of being there. I feel that same sensation when I listen to Shoot Me!!! by Electric Peace. I can almost smell the cigarettes inside the venues. Faces of people in the crowed begin to appear. Their music is genuine L.A. rock n roll. Gritty, unapologetic and raw. 

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