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The Rocketz are ‘Lovesick & Heartbroke’

The lack of live shows over the past couple years definitely put a damper on the bands that thrive in that setting. Fortunately Rock ‘n Roll will never die and is now back with a vengeance. Leading that charge in the live rock scene is our friends from The Rocketz. The Los Angeles, California trio

Dusty Cubby is ‘Bhammered’

Being a band hoping to stick around for a while means being willing to evolve. As skills improve and trends change you must be willing to experiment and grow as a band. Fans do not want the same song over and over again no matter how good it is. Our recent discovery Dusty Cubby is

Celebrate Loud Rock n Roll With Black Masses

Musical styles and genres will always come and go. One that will always last forever and have a huge following is straight up loud Rock ‘n Roll. The power and energy will always find its way to new listeners ready for the ride. Our new discovery Black Masses is here to continue that tradition with