Eric Ezra Enters Our Mind on ‘Amphibian’

The human mind is complex. Inner torment can see your emotions wrestling with each other, each competing for thought dominance as you go through life’s experiences. 

That battle materializes with new album Amphibian by Eric Ezra. Each track on the album feels like a psychological dance, one moment angry, the next close to tears. 

Amphibian is a fully instrumental body of work, meaning Eric doesn’t sway how you should feel at any point. The synth-rock sounds are laid out for you to try on and decipher what exactly it is that you want from each melody. 

“Mosquito” immediately caught my attention as the beginning captures the buzzing of the insect, immediately putting you at unease. It’s an interesting way to catch the listener off guard, tapping into that universal experience of having an irritant hover around you. 

However, to me, the ‘Mosquito’ is a metaphor for something in your life that you desperately need to be free from but, for whatever reason, it looms over you, circling your mind. 

“Combat” has a disconcerting stuttering quality that falls into rhythm as it continues. Eric Ezra has us under his control. It feels like you’ve somehow been dragged into a fight that you were reluctant to be a part of at first but realize it’s something that must be done. 

The names of the tracks on the album align with each track’s vibe. After knowing what the song is called, you can draw an image in your head that fits the name like a glove. Eric does a great job of painting these scenes just with the music. Amphibian feels alive and kicking, knowing just how to pull your emotions from you.

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