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Don Tocabajo Shows Us The ‘Signs’

As a musician gains experience they are free to explore and experiment. Getting the opportunity to perform with other musicians opens up even more exploration. Our recent find Don Tocabajo (pronounced T0-ka-ba-ho) has spent his life in love with music and keeps up the passion with new music coming out on March 15th, 2021. Based

Markoff and Lazzara ‘You Raise Me Up’

Enjoying songs that we have come to love in alternate ways is always refreshing. Many artists cover their favorite songs. Our friends Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara have been doing this for a while. They have taken well-known classics and modern songs and turned them into beautiful concert pieces with their instrumental flute-first style. They

Take Flight With St. Finnikin ‘Monarch’

Evolution is a true form of art. When an artist can find a way to take their personal growth and blend it with the growth of their music, they can create a truly beautiful masterpiece. That is exactly what St. Finnikin has done with his newest album Monarch.  St. Finnikin is a singer, songwriter, and