Adam Lippman Proves he Is Not ‘Wasted’

Adam Lippman

Once the lure of creating music gets you there is no real turning back. The joy that a songwriter finds in creating songs easily becomes a lifelong passion. The styles and bandmates may change but the muse lives on. Adam Lippman has had a long career of winding roads. He is now kicking off 2024 with a brand new single “Wasted.”

The music bug first bit Adam Lippman as a teenager while touring the United Kingdom with his high school choir. His willingness to explore all the paths that music could take only strengthened his resolve. His late teen years also included some notoriety and label interest for his new wave rock band. The hook was in. There was no turning back.

After college, Adam Lippman relocated to New York City’s East Village to pour himself into the music scene. Before long he was making waves with his band Supple. Their reimagined cover of the Bee-Gees’ “Stayin Alive” was the musical cornerstone of Sundance Film Festival Winner Hurricane Streets. Another band Automatic Children allowed for more songwriting. Music just kept flowing and Adam moved to a solo career for the past 2 decades.

To open up 2024, Adam Lippman has released his newest single “Wasted.” Opening up with a strong drumbeat soon gives way to a catchy little melody that crawls deep like a good little earworm. The vocal style used is unique. A story is to be told and Lippman knows just how to deliver it. Some washed out guitar creates a nice atmospheric backdrop through the bridge to bring us full circle. The nostalgic feel is strong and you will find yourself drifting off to a happy time in your mind. 

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