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Jerad Finck Wants To be One Of The ‘New Kids’

No matter what genre of music we’re talking about, remixes are always a hit or miss affair, especially when the original version of a single was loved by all of an artist’s most hardcore fans. SEAWAVES recently took on the revolutionary anthem “New Kids” by Jerad Finck. While the results could have just as easily gone

Yvonne Sangudi Tells Us All About ‘MistaRomeo’

The pop music scene is constantly changing. As the word becomes smaller we are hearing more and more influence from every corner of the globe. This has given us some amazing musical blends. Our recent discovery Yvonne Sangudi is taking world-pop music to new heights.   The Tanzanian-American singer-songwriter and producer is currently based in

AALTA Shares Their ‘Borrowed Time’

A musical connection is a strong bond. Even after many years pass, two people that connected in music can pick up right where they left off and continue creating. This seems to be the case with our recent discovery of AALTA.   The production and songwriting duo based out of Los Angeles, California is made