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IBG Interview – 8 Questions With CLO

We always love finding artists early in their career that have the passion and work ethic for major success. Our recent discovery CLO has a lot going for her this year including a new producer and huge shows. We caught up with CLO to get a little behind the scenes of this rising star. Enjoy

Starla Starshine Takes Us To The ‘Red Lagoon’

Modern rock n’ roll hippie Starla Starshine unleashes a litany of colorful textures, atmospheric grooves and brooding lyrical content meant to stimulate the mind, body and soul in her new extended play Red Lagoon (out now). Blending together different styles of play ranging from more contemporary, focused pop to abstract, ultra-sublime industrial rock and psychedelia, Red Lagoon pushes the

Junior is Here But ‘Love Is Gone’

The start of a serious music career is a very exciting time. When the music you create and record starts to sound just like it did in your head you know you are on to something. This is the point a lot of artists are at their ‘make or break’ moment. There will be a