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Catch the Old Hollywood Glamour with 88 Palms

Drenched in the iridescent glimmer of classic Old Hollywood, 88 Palms’ “Hollywood Son” is sure to stop Lana Del Rey fans in their tracks-and for good reason.   Sunsets and “Hollywood Son”   A faint laugh dripping with synth welcomes you to a track that has as many functional attitudes of seduction and guitars as

Shelita Talks 2018 SXSW and New Music

If you haven’t checked out Shelita since her last single, “Penetrate” you’re missing great pop music. Releasing her first track of the year, “Hola” blends her sensual vocals with a fusion of trap, R&B, electro pop, and Brazilian baile funk. The track debuted in March but Shelita is gearing up for her next EP out