308 Ghost Train has The Sound to ‘Bleed Over Me’

‘Bleed Over Me’ by 308 Ghost Train is pure, classic rock! One of the most endearing qualities of this song is the passion in the voices of the singers. These are artists who have clearly devoted everything to their style. It is also clear that 308 Ghost Train wants to showcase genuine positive energy and light.

There is a very distinctive sound to ‘Bleed Over Me.’ The melody is incredibly smooth, making this song very nearly dreamlike. It is this ethereal quality that is reminiscent of 80s rock. If the listener is a fan of the likes of Journey or Bon Jovi, ‘Bleed Over Me’ is right up your alley.

This song is all about intense love. It is about how passion is not always healthy and may not last forever. However, it is also about finding oneself outside of your relationship with someone else.

308 Ghost Train have expressed their desire to distance themselves from current, modern trends. It is no secret that a consistent theme in modern music is the obsession with romantic love without the discussion of self-love. ‘Bleed Over Me’ tries to rectify this.

When it comes to 308 Ghost Train, the only thing that is more important than the music is the message. ‘Bleed Over Me’ is no exception. This band is incredibly conscious when it comes to never spreading negativity.

There is no denying that many people are suffering right now. When you find a band that actively works to be a beacon of light, it is something to celebrate. It is even more exciting when that band has such an exciting retro sound which also feels extremely modern.

Rock is a genre of music that never goes out of fashion. 308 Ghost Train is a prime example of what can happen when vintage rock meets modern artists. ‘Bleed Over Me’ is currently available everywhere. Give it a listen, you will not regret it!

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