Rocky Peter is on the ‘Fast Lane’ to Success

Rocky Peter

As an artist, we must find our calling to share our gift. All of our lives will be full of both good and bad experiences. We can either use these as excuses to give up on our dream or use them as motivation and inspiration to push forward to our goals. Rocky Peter has had quite an interesting life. His story of dedication can be an inspiration to us all.

The singer-songwriter is best known for being a Hollywood Week finalist on the American Idol TV competition. This put him in front of an audience that had a chance to see his intriguing backstory. Rocky Peter was born in America but abandoned in Africa when he was only 2 years old. He ended up being a child slave from the age of 8 to 14 years old. During this chaos, music became his way to find peace and hope.

Even as Rocky Peter escaped and life started on a promising path, music was always there. After graduating from University, he decided to pass on his quest to become a medical doctor. Enough people who had heard him sing let him know that his music inspired and healed them. This was all Rocky needed to know what his true calling was.

Last month Rocky Peter released his newest single “Fast Lane”. The catchy song highlights his innovative style mixing eclectic beats with pop sensibilities. The vocals soar to provide a hopeful sound for all. As Rocky says “Although we may lose the pace, we never lose the race to a better place. In times of uncertainties and adversities, we must keep our head up and keep pushing.” His positivity is intoxicating.

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