Wicked Lights puts on a ‘Brave Face’

Wicked Lights

Life experience is the best muse for a creative artist. Allowing these experiences to come in and influence your music is essential for a musician trying to create something unique, and even more important, personal. Our recent discovery Wicked Lights has done just that with his new album Brave Face.

The musical project is the brainchild of Two Charuson. He has been working for three decades to craft his talent. He allowed a wide array of life adventures shape his art. Born in Thailand and schooled in the British countryside set an early tone of duality that would become a big part of who he is. After graduating Charuson travelled the world with an open mind allowing even more influence to come to his body of music.

Putting this variety of influence and experience together became the foundation for Wicked Lights. Now based back in his native Bangkok, the original music he offers is unlike anything in the Asian landscape and fresh for the rest of the world. 

The latest Wicked Lights album Brave Face is 12 tracks of modern alt rock songs that can appeal to people from all over the musical spectrum. All songs were written, arranged and composed by Two Charuson. The energy starts with opener “Darn Respites” and its steady, fast paced, piano led beat. The vocals are delivered with intention and power as the track builds to full explosion. A more classic rock feel creeps in on “…and the Restless” but delivered with the same passion that Wicked Lights is building a brand on. 

Hear ‘Edin’ by Wicked Lights

Some more musical diversity is shown by Wicked Lights on “Edin.” Here we get a synth and drum machine heavy feel reminiscent of the dark pop / new wave of the late 80’s. Even the vocals have a different sound as Charuson shows off his range. “The Hills” keeps the darker vibe but slows down the pace allowing the music to reach deeply into the listener’s soul. Emotional and thoughtful.

By the time we reach the closer “Kushty” and its mesh of different genres we have experienced a full journey through sound with Wicked Lights. Quite a complete album that demands multiple listens.

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