A Vulnerable Tank And The Bangas Release “Why Try”

Busy as ever, the Grammy nominated Tank and The Bangas continue to roll in support of their latest album Red Balloon. Hailing from New Orleans, their endless grind has led to international success. Mixing and blending genres is just another day at the office for the group. Fresh concoctions of jazz, hip hop, gospel, funk, soul and pop has listeners eagerly anticipating new music. The band, currently on the road with Big Freedia and Trombone Shorty, debut “Why Try” featuring Questlove.  Of the song, Tarriona “Tank” Ball says, “A lot of women forget that power comes from vulnerability and being very completely honest with your partner instead of putting on a front. On “Why Try,” we have a vulnerable woman who isn’t afraid to say, ‘I like you and you’re not giving me the same energy back. I know you like me, too.’”

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A slow drip of new singles continues. “Why Try” comes on the heels of “Black Folk” and “Stolen Fruit”. Questlove introduces the band and the single, raising the proverbial showtime curtains. Tank’s syrupy vocals immediately take the driver’s seat. An inquisitive soliloquy plays out examining the situation, her lover’s behavior, as well as her options. Draping over the groove like a velvet blanket, the hook “Why, try… Oh, oh, why… try” blooms and blossoms. Lyrical gems like “raindrops falling only one way” capture the anguish experienced by those who wait for their lover to get on board.

Eclectic musical components broaden the range and sound of the single. Cabaret jazz vibes mingle with dancing flute accents intertwined with Bee Gee esque guitar strumming as a overdriven guitar solo waits in the wings to punch in. This single has a swing to it that’s both dancy and sweet while covering deep subject matter. Ray Charles is a name and sound these elements remind me of, his single “Unchain My heart” in particular. Of the four singles released from their upcoming album, three have been personal and spiritual. What will the next single be like? What do the other twelve songs sound like? Are they striving for a more balanced album, relying less on hip hop/pop with more soul filling music that moves our feet? Whatever it is, I’m in.

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