Kevin Borland is “Talking To Dead People” and Us

Kevin Borland

Music is a fickle being. It can play with our minds and emotions as it sees fit. Music can come and go in our lives just as we need it most. Our recent discovery Kevin Borland has been in and out of music for quite a while. Now he is back to going full force with his musical creativity with his fourth solo project Talking To Dead People.

Originally from rural New Jersey, Kevin Borland’s path was guided by his genius level mind. Music was a big part of it but math and science drew him in multiple directions. A Bachelor of Science degree was in the cards from the most prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Music still had its grasp though as he played in various high school and college bands.

Now settled in Florida, Kevin Borland uses his mind to create his own unique style of music. The diverse soundscape includes progressive pop, art pop, art rock and post-punk. He has a way of bringing esoteric ideas to life in his songs. The newest record Talking To Dead People takes this even further. The 15 track record is a progressive pop concept album where Kevin portrays an exaggerated and operatic version of the ups and downs in his life while riding the genetic genealogy tradeshow circuit from 2018 through 2020.

As we open with the exotic and bouncy sound of “Red Wine Nights” we are immediately aware we are in store for something different. Tickled keyboards churn out strange sounds as Kevin’s vocal delivery grabs attention in a monotone way. 

There is truly a journey we are accompanying the songwriter on with songs like “Haircut in Salt Lake” sharing deep thoughts while sitting in a chair in a hair salon, and a lonely meal in “Salad And A Beer.” This deep look inside an interesting mind is oddly intriguing. 

Odd energy arises on “Evening At The High Table” and “Autographed Picture of A Robot Dog” as Kevin Borland’s nerdom is shown off in full flair. This relatability draws the listener as many of us yearn for these kinds of experiences. We are part of the journey now, if not in person, at least in our own mind.

One of my favorites is the late album inclusion of “Ring Light Sessions”, not only for the relatability, but for the fast paced drum beat coupled with the fast paced vocal delivery and speedy melody. This one got me hyped to get back in the basement and create some more ring light content, lol

Overall the album is a fun and full listen that allows us to venture along with Kevin’s journey as well as conjure one up in our own heads. Keep up with where Kevin Borland wants to take us next on his WEBSITE.


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