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A New Track from Latewaves

Latewaves is one of the best punk-alternative rock bands on the music scene today. Their latest single, ‘Sympathy (& Validation),’ is the perfect blend between classic and contemporary rock. While the lyrics are reminiscent of the likes of the Mountain Goats, the melody itself is more akin to Nirvana’s early records. Latewaves understands music, what works, and what does not. They know how to craft a song.

The band’s love of music comes through with this single. ‘Sympathy (& Validation)’ combines a genuinely catchy beat with brutally honest lyrics. The band describes the song as “…a voicemail you leave your friend when you’re having a panic attack.” The confused desperation present in this song is real and palpable. It brilliantly captures the raw energy that has come from being pent up alone in our houses for over a year and a half.

A Lesson in How to Write a Rock Song

Latewaves is one of the few bands out there that is able to comment on the turmoil of the pandemic with polish and self-awareness. The track makes incredible use of guitar riffs and drums, which fill out the beat wonderfully. There is not a note out of place, everything works in this tune. The catchiness of the song does not clash with the gritty lyrics. It only helps to accent it.

Indeed, the catharsis of ‘Sympathy (& Validation)’ is very much welcome in these strange times. The song also features a beautifully directed music video. This is where the viewer can truly connect with the band. The short film perfectly captures the band’s sense of humor. Latewaves’ ability to show their audience how much they enjoy playing their music is fully on show.

As the idea of touring and attending concerts slowly comes back to life, there is no doubt that Latewaves will be one of the hottest items on the market. These musicians have a stage presence reminiscent of old school rock stars, and one can only imagine how many more exciting things Latewaves has in stone.

Check out ‘Sympathy (& Validation)’

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