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Esso Gives You ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’

The most intriguing songs are often the most transparent songs. When an artist is willing to open up about their own struggles and successes in their songwriting, a kind of magic happens. The relatability bleeds through to the listener and a musical bond is created. Our friend Jared Macuso and his new band Esso seem

“OK Go’s ‘This’: A Transformative Soundtrack for ‘The Beanie Bubble'”

Veteran innovative alt-rockers OK GO have returned with a sonic transformation in “This” featured on the Apple TV movie The Beanie Bubble. “This” opens with a burst of electronic energy, setting an upbeat tone that carries throughout the track. Damian Kulash’s vocals deliver the song’s introspective lyrics with a sense of urgency, inviting listeners to

Take a sip of Jack Nolan’s new album JINDABYNE

Everyone’s covid lockdown experience was different. Catastrophe can strike at any moment, and it struck in a way none of us could have imagined. Jack Nolan said the lockdown showed him there are no certainties. With this new sense of awareness, stemmed a new sense of urgency. Through those tumultuous covid years from Sydnie Australia, he worked