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No Quarters Needed At ‘Super Arcade’ by Quarry

Massive recording studios are great for overproduced music that often loses its soul. This is needed for the syrupy mainstream pop of today but there are alternatives. Artists that open up their creativity can be just as creative in finding a place to record. Our recent discovery Quarry has taken this to a new level

Canadian powerhouse The Respectables are back!

Canadian powerhouse The Respectables are back and sounding better than ever in their awesome new album The Power of Rock ‘N’ Roll. It is best described as a brute tour de force stylized with moments of earnest acoustic balladry that will leave you begging for more. Right from the start of the record, we’re on

Rockford Road Takes us on The Road to Sabittis

The classic rock style of music is called classic for a reason. The straight-up guitar, bass, drums, and maybe some keyboards make for a sound that is instantly recognizable and often relatable. There is something to be said about the band that keeps in this vein without venturing into experimentation just to be different. A