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Melted Vinyl Shows Us The ‘Lights We Chase’

Influencing and inspiring dozens of musicians and subgenres since first developing circa the 1950’s, rock music has evolved on a worldwide scale to become one of the most popular genres to date. Throughout the years, each decade has lent a unique persona to the genre which has cumulated to give rock the variety of characteristics

ALABAMA ROSE Asks You To“Come With Me”

Alabama Rose is a developing rock artist with an original sound that’s dark and hypnotic. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Rose blends vintage rock, soul, blues, and roots music into modern songs that she records live to capture the true human essence of what she does. Her latest release, the single “Come With Me,” is now

No Quarters Needed At ‘Super Arcade’ by Quarry

Massive recording studios are great for overproduced music that often loses its soul. This is needed for the syrupy mainstream pop of today but there are alternatives. Artists that open up their creativity can be just as creative in finding a place to record. Our recent discovery Quarry has taken this to a new level