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Pollyanna Gives Us A Taste Of ‘Sugar Coat Deluxe’

Sugar Coat Deluxe is the newest album by Pollyanna, a project which expands upon an EP released last year. In this album Pollyanna puts together different genres like a boutique candy store mixing up crazy concoctions (bubble grunge for example). Their eclectic sound curates different influences to create their own style. Pollyanna masterfully puts together

Some Indie Rock Selections to Work Out With

In something a bit different to what you’d usually expect to find on Indie Band Guru, we pair our love for indie music with keeping fit. Over the last 18 months, thousands of people worldwide have begun keeping fit by training at home or in the garden. For much of 2020 and the first half

‘The Message is Clear’ With Calling For Eden

August 28, 2021 indie rock/funk rock band Calling For Eden will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their second album titled The Message is Clear.  Calling For Eden is an indie rock/funk rock band based out of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan Area of Texas.The band consists of Casey King (lead vocals, guitar),