Michael Novak Shows Us What ‘Used To Be’

Michael Novak

As much as we may see the supposedly sudden pop stars that is a very rare occurrence. The real stars are the artists that hold on to their dreams even if they need to be but on hold for a while. The love of music will remain as long as you allow it. Our recent find Michael Novak has had his starts and stops but now has the time to put all his effort into his music. The result is showing as he now prepares to release his 2nd album Eyes Open Eyes Up.

Lead single off the upcoming album is the impressive “Used To Be,” a track brimming with nostalgia and a touch of heartache. The song straddles the line between indie rock and pop rock, reminiscent of artists like The War on Drugs and Bruce Springsteen at times. Lush guitars, a driving backbeat, and melancholic piano chords create a soundscape that feels both familiar and fresh. The unique vocals of Michael Novak are expressive and emotive, conveying a sense of longing for the past. The song boasts a catchy melody that lingers in the mind long after the last note fades proving the high quality songwriting.

On “Used To Be” Michael Novak explores the bittersweet nature of nostalgia. The lyrics paint a picture of lost connections, youthful dreams, and the inevitable changes that life throws our way. Lines like “Remember nights spent chasing fireflies / Now the streetlights paint the same tired skies” evoke a sense of wistfulness and reflection. The song’s emotional core lies in the universal experience of looking back with a mix of fondness and some slight regret.

This track is perfect for adding to a playlist focused on nostalgia or introspection..  Those seeking a deeper dive into Novak’s lyricism and storytelling might benefit from waiting for the full-length album Eyes Open Eyes Up. 

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