Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps “Heart’s On Fire”

Hearts On Fire

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps showcase a modern rock twist with New
Wave and Classic Rock influenced Heart’s On Fire ready for release on June 18th

At the age of 21, Tom Tikka was at the cusp of accomplishing his musical
dream he had since hearing Paul Anka’s “Lonely Boy” as a six-year-old.
He signed his first recording contract and released a three-song EP for
Olarin Musiikki, a small indie label in Espoo, Finland.

However, just as the recording contract came, the EP didn’t sell well,
causing Tikka to be back at the beginning of his musical endeavor
without a band or record deal. After taking a few years off, Tikka
founded musical group Carmen Gray and has since made a name for himself
over the last 15 years.

It was in 2020, where Tikka released a solo EP titled Working Class
Voodoo under the name Tom Tikka And The Missing Hubcaps, a self-produced
venture that has been gaining traction since forming just a year ago.

Tikka presents his talent under The Missing Hubcaps name, performing and
recording every instrument on it, a feat not many musicians can say
they’ve done.

Tikka’s latest single Heart’s On Fire, showcases the rock anthem drive
so many love from his music. Comparisons are challenging to make since
it has the catchiness of many 1980s rock passages, but has the
grittiness of classic rock.

The song begins with a Yes-like ambiance into Tikka declaring Heart’s On
Fire, transitioning into a modern rock rendition of 1980s New Wave. Even
people who aren’t fans of New Wave will dig the contemporary twist Tikka
puts on his music.

The verse embodies a lower-down jam, highlighting a dynamic shift in the
music that’s popularized in the rock genre. Tikka’s vocals are easy to
understand, to the point, and enjoyable.

After the low-key rock verse concludes, it goes back into its upbeat
Heart’s On Fire chorus. Tikka continues with his usual formula in the
second verse, slightly louder than the first but not as loud as the

The guitar parts sound reminiscent of Mike and The Mechanics, fans of
that particular era will be excited to hear an artist utilize the same
techniques once popularized years ago.

Before the last verse and chorus, the guitar takes hold of the track,
showcasing the tremendous all-around musicianship from Tikka. Anyone a
fan of electric guitar will surely get some enjoyment out of this

The song ends with a powerful chorus, and at this point, the phrase
Heart’s On Fire is drilled into your mind, prompting you to want more
from Tikka.

Prior to the release of Heart’s On Fire, Tikka had a successful career
with Carmen Gray, which lasted until 2013. Throughout their decade-long
stint, the group signed to Sony/BMG, and released three albums and one

After the group broke up, Tikka formed The Impersonators with poet Antti
Autio. The group signed with Frankfurt-based Label FBP Music Group. With
producer Janne Saksa, the group has released several critically
acclaimed tracks.

Following the success of his What Winston Churchill Said EP in January
2021, many are looking forward to what Tikka will do next, and
rightfully so. Keep an eye out HERE.

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