James Bene is Climbing the ‘Mountain’

James Bene

As pop music has continued to change over the past 20 years, we have found many new artists popping up to fuel that change. With the major label stranglehold on the music industry shrinking, more independent artists are able to make a path for themselves. This allows them to go in musical directions that they see fit without the overbearing labels controlling their music. Our recent discovery, James Bene is a great example as his new music broadens the electro-alt-pop horizon.

The Los Angeles based artist is out there changing the conventions of mainstream music into something that works for him instead of the other way around. James Bene dives deep into the soul of the listener with intimate lyricism and catchy melodies to keep them in his grasp. He puts it all out there with no fear. Just out there sharing his feelings and pushing to survive.

On April 22nd James Bene is set to release his newest single “Mountain” off his upcoming 5 song EP. The big beat grabs attention immediately as an atmospheric soundscape fills the room. As the lyrics come in we realize that James is willing to share his deepest desires and struggles. This allows a real connection with the listener that can often relate to his pain. Sounds build to let the musical journey go in many different directions. Smooth, sultry, emotional and energetic. We hear there will be a remixed version of “Mountain” coming out in May as well.

Presave “Mountain” HERE. and keep up with what comes next for James Bene on his WEBSITE.

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