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LA Laura Paris Is “Kissing Boys”

LA Laura Paris wants you to know she’s more than just a pretty face, and using seductive melodies and beats that pull us asunder the moment we first make contact with them, she’s doing as much in her new single and music video “Kissing Boys.” As the song’s title suggests, this is a track that

James Bene is Climbing the ‘Mountain’

As pop music has continued to change over the past 20 years, we have found many new artists popping up to fuel that change. With the major label stranglehold on the music industry shrinking, more independent artists are able to make a path for themselves. This allows them to go in musical directions that they

Shelby O shares her tale ‘Three Out of Four’

Chicago-born songwriter Shelby O has been quietly flying under the radar for the last few years. However, there have been times when she has stood out with tracks such as “Proud Melancolia” and “Do Nothing For Money”. Both deliver a stripped back acoustic tone that lets her vocal abilities shine. While “Warm Winds” brings some