Hannah Mazey lets her songwriting talents shine on her debut EP, ‘BITTER’

Hannah Mazey

Earlier this year, Hannah Mazey released her debut singles “Clean From You” and “Comfort Blanket”. Due to her honest lyrical style and LoFi pop soundtrack, these captivating songs gained rave reviews and BBC Radio airtime. With momentum on her side, she is excited to share her highly anticipated debut EP, BITTER. Mazey says this collection of songs is “stripping back emotional layers – showcasing vulnerability through sobering lyrics around the topic of a breakup”. 

BITTER opens up with the familiar sound of her debut single, “Clean From You”. With her guitar creating a gentle mood, she begins her story with, “Unsure if you will ever feel that kind of love again / So pure, innocent, passionate, intimate”. Mazey talks about a relationship that is difficult to give up, even though it may not be healthy. She describes the situation with an impressive lyrical depth. Her hook says it all with the lines, “Stay clean, clean from you / Oh I’ll try to stay clean from you / You know how hard that is to do?”. As she shares these words, the soundtrack is minimalistic, but it does enough to enhance the mood along with her mesmerising vocals. 

“Comfort Blanket” shows a different side to Mazey’s music. It slows things down and features the delicate sound of a piano. The keys and her stunning vocals create an emotionally filled atmosphere. You can hear the longing for the security she feels as she is being held, like a comfort blanket. But, at the same time, not wanting to be with that someone who caused her heartache. A feeling reflected in the lines, “Cos if it was love / It wouldn’t hurt like it does”. Again the spotlight shines on her honest storytelling. The sincerity of her words will feel relatable to many creating a connection for the listener with the artist. 

Hannah Mazey does not hold back on her debut EP, ‘BITTER’. In doing so, showcasing an impressive songwriting talent that mean business.

Yet again, the musical landscape changes for “Pieces”. Its low-key infectious beats help to create the standout moment from the EP. As soon as it begins, it sets the mood, helped along with Mazey harmonising with the tempo. It is a combination that may seem simple but stands out each time it appears. Again, it is another song about a breakup, as highlighted by the opening lines, “Broke your heart into pieces / What was love now deceases / You said you just can’t release this / So I tried and tried to escape, and now I know what peace is”.

Her storytelling qualities are impressive, but this is all about how it sounds. Vocally, Mazey is effortless in her delivery which mainly moves along with the chilled tempo. It occasionally intensifies the emotional feel as she shares lines such as “I thought that I’d let you go but / I just can’t forget you / You taught me how to love and / I just can’t replace you”. What makes this song stand out is how her voice intertwines with the hypnotic soundtrack. You press play, and you can’t help but get lost in her music. 

Closing out the EP comes “Without a Trace”. Her acoustic guitar comes into the spotlight as it duets with Mazey. Along with the sound byte of rain, this partnership grabs the listener’s attention from the beginning to the end. It helps to enrich her story, which moves along without any urgency. But, standing out that bit more during the hook, with words such as, “And as the sun rises up / You’re gone without a trace”. It all comes together to showcase another side to the music of Hannah Mazey.

As debuts go, BITTER EP is an example of how to put one together. It offers an impressive range of sounds with none feeling out of place. On top of that, a lyrical depth delivered to perfection by a captivating vocal presence. Hannah Mazey has created a release that will receive plaudits and it will be well deserved. Give this one a listen, as it won’t disappoint. 

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