LA Laura Paris Is “Kissing Boys”

LA Laura Paris wants you to know she’s more than just a pretty face, and using seductive melodies and beats that pull us asunder the moment we first make contact with them, she’s doing as much in her new single and music video “Kissing Boys.” As the song’s title suggests, this is a track that revolves around lust of all sorts, musical and lyrical the same, and although LA Laura Paris is no stranger to indulging in extravagant artistry, this is perhaps her most intriguing stab at surreal sexuality thus far, and most definitely a release you need to see and hear for yourself.

Our singer isn’t just using her pipes to cultivate a rich harmony; she’s drawing power from the minimalism of this arrangement, which she in turn uses to create a buffer of excess between herself and the audience that just might be the most incendiary point of interest here. She wants to be removed from us if only to give us as much emphasis on the contrast in her lyricism as possible, and without using too much from the instrumentation she’s able to give us quite the vivid harmony at the center of this mix.

The look of the music video for “Kissing Boys” matches up with the tone of the song and the icy sway of the rhythm perfectly, almost to the point where one might question which was the original inspiration for the release. LA Laura Paris is the star of both shows with her voice as much as she is her persona in the crowded on-screen cast, in which she stands out as the most charismatic face to be seen. I like her readiness for the spotlight, and it bodes well for what she might do in the future beyond this single.

I’m very excited about what this singer is going to treat us to next, and if there’s anything we can learn about her upcoming work from listening to “Kissing Boys,” it’s that she isn’t willing to stay within the lines of any set scene or aesthetic – she’s a natural-born experimentalist, and this release shows us as much. This is an era that is celebrating individuality like no other we’ve ever seen before, and for what this generation needs out of an alternative pop artist, I think LA Laura Paris is ready to live up to the hype and advance her genre to the next level.

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