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Music will evolve in an artist with creativity. If your music is stagnant you will never grow as an artist. Sometimes a break away from creating music is needed as well. But the lure of music will always bring us back. Our recent discovery UseKit. is a prime example of this.

We caught up with the imaginative electronic artist for a chat about his development and new music. Enjoy:

First of all, tell us something about the name UseKit.?

I had a project at the turn of the millennium called “Fields of Mercura”, but I was never really satisfied with that name. On the one hand it was simply too long for me, on the other hand there is a night school in my hometown called “FOM”, so an abbreviation was somehow “not so nice”… who wants to be named after school!!! (Haha..)

So, I needed something short and catchy! and as I was thinking about it, I had the album “KID A” by Radiohead in front of me. I liked it a lot – short and catchy! I thought about it for a while and then came up with the name “Use Kit”. When I wrote this name, I was still missing something and 

so then the (.) point was added. >>UseKit.<<

How would you describe your sound?

I am in love with simple and constantly repeating melodies. So, UseKit. is focused on simple and not too cluttered sound. My music is minimalistic and monotonous in structure. As well as the simple melodies, I love concise and emphasized basslines that sound wobbly and a bit weird and crazy. I think this is characteristic of UseKit.

That’s why I call UseKit. – Minimal Electronic Music. General structure and the BPM in the area of House Music.

But at some point i stopped to assign my music to a certain direction. In addition, I also occasionally produce other styles such as “Adapt, Mein Kraftwerk or Off”, so there is from me the additional description (or genre) “Technoid tendencies”.

Which artists had the biggest influence on you?

Mainly it was Klaus Schulze, Indian Ropeman, Fatboy Slim and also Mr. Oizo at that time of “FOM”. But genres and artist can vary now. I think that Mr.Oizo has laid a foundation stone for me (especially) with his very early works “#1” or the EP “M-Seq”. So you can blame him and his early work for my sound (haha..)

What made you decide to make music as UseKit again after some time off?

Oha, this actually has a very emotional and personal reason! I had cancer in 2016 (Jesus, I’m cured(!)) and I had to completely reorganize myself, find myself again, get busy and distracted. Fill the time between sleeping, chemotherapy and isolation from my personal environment… Then I remembered: I had fun from making music. I got myself instruments, DAW and UseKit. was born! And reborn of me.

For the music snobs like me, tell us something about the setup in your studio?

Ahm… my setup is not really groundbreaking. In the beginning of UseKit. I started to make music again with the “Roland MC-303” the “Yamaha Dx27S” (I still had it from back then) a real (!) “string bass” and “GarageBand” as sequencer.

For this I also used partly finished samples.With this setup I quickly came to my limits. I didn’t get the sound I actually wanted to make and quality was bad.

After a short time I decided to use the DAW “FLStudio” and a “Behringer TB-03” was added – and especially my beloved “Korg MS-20”, which is also responsible for the main sound of UseKit.

“FLStudio” additionally opened the way to various “VST Instruments” for me, which were not compatible with GarageBand. I still have a few additional devices like the “Akai Fire” and other “MIDI keyboard” to produce, but that was it.

In the meantime I don’t use 98% of samples anymore! I create my own sounds and now “finally” have the opportunity to sound the way I want!

Your latest EP Rådyr seems to be a complete musical journey. What can you tell us about it?

Rådyr is a story about a rare Bambi child taking revenge on mankind for their greed and stupidity. A rare and unique animal is hunted and persecuted.

But actually it is more the story of my music. My last singles “Adapt”, “MeinKraftwerk” and “Off” were – Different UseKit. Although these three singles are more “successful” then my actual stuff, I wanted to go back to my origin and philosophy (squeaky sounds, wobbly bass, simple and monotonous melodies) with this trilogy. So Ive had an idea: I make an EP as a symbol – I’m Back.

The story of the Bambi came from the cover artwork.Often I create the layouts and covers first and then come up with my title ideas or the theme of the song. Designing covers and logos is another passion of mine.

By the way, the main figure of Rådyr is a tiny 2x2cm glass figure made by a very talented glassblowing artist from Ukraine. I bought the figure from him, took a picture and used for my cover.

Give some advice to other artists who are trying to make unique music.

I would advise everyone to do their own thing. You should think away from this “pigeonholing and too-fixed” genres. Do what you love and what you enjoy to create – it’ll show authentic and uniqueness in your style and personality.

What’s next on the horizon for UseKit?

I am currently working on my upcoming album “The Package Man”, the first two singles from the album will be released soon. For the album: I have partially collaborated with other artists and that was a good experience.

“The Package Man” is also not UseKit. typical sound. Also first time you’ll hear real vocals (of course not from me! Haha). Album is half “playful” and half totally rigid, minimal and monotonous – you’ll be surprised what’s coming!

Besides the album, I have no specific plans yet, but I cant sit still – after the album i will certainly continue with new stuff! 

Keep up with UseKit. on your favorite platforms HERE.

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