‘Wearing Down My Soul’ is a song about heartbreak that manages to be hopeful. Written and sung by twenty-one year old rising star Giulio Beltramo, this alternative track proves the singer’s incredible talent and maturity. It has a smooth alternative-pop sound which mixes perfectly with Beltramo’s silken vocals.

‘Wearing Down My Soul’ is about intense love and the feeling when it ends. Most of us are familiar with falling in love and thinking that love will last for an eon. Unfortunately, many of us also know the heartbreak of losing that love. This is the main theme of Giulio Beltramo’s song.

A breakup can lead to the discovery that you loved your partner more than they loved you. This can be devastating, and ‘Wearing Down My Soul’ puts that feeling to music. However, it would have been simple for Beltramo to write a song about heartbreak and focus only on the pain that comes with that experience.

Yet, Beltramo does not do this, and it speaks to his talent as a singer and writer. Indeed, ‘Wearing Down My Soul’ is also about learning to channel that intense love you had for your partner into yourself. Self-acceptance and self-love can easily be lost in the midst of a breakup.

‘Wearing Down My Soul’ is brutally honest about pain. However, it is also about learning how to survive and thrive from that pain. In a time when the world is in crisis, it is easy to ignore your own needs and forget self-care.

Beltramo’s song is a potent reminder that working through pain, trauma, and heartbreak is extremely difficult and taxing work. Still, it is more than worth it at the end of the day. ‘Wearing Down My Soul’ by Giulio Beltramo is currently available to listen to and purchase. You will not regret giving this song a listen.

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