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Chart Success

Music is just not an art, to many people it is a way of life. Being a music admirer, have you ever wondered what makes a song worth remembering, or why among so many only a few tunes strike and hold a place in our mind? The main reason behind this happening lies in the formation and different theoretical elements of the tune.

A song that hits or continues to stay on international charts definitely has bold qualities or a great tonal texture. Mostly songs that take place in those charts are record-breakers. Countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, have hits that have a wide range of audience. Each genre of their music comprises a mixture of musical elements that encourage people to connect. Languages haven’t been an obstacle in this particular industry because of a song’s technical elements.

If a piece of the song has melody, rhythm, and perfect tune, it will attract a mass audience regardless of its language. But most of the music lovers are unknown to the key aspects that set a song apart from rest. Thus, to provide you a clear insight into what is actually required to make an impactful song, we will discuss the theoretical and technical entities of song making.

The construction of the perfect piece: 

These are the five elements that go into each piece of music, however, very few pieces of the composition of music get struck to our heart. They are rightly timed, rightly constructed, the key, pitch and rhythmic composition all go concurrently to make a blockbuster pound of music. Let’s look at the top songs of a few countries that have mastered all these elements and advanced in the chart. 

Above there are three charts from three countries, they are from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia sourced from Betway Insider. Each of the songs present in the chart that you will find above has one thing in common, they are the best song that touched the hearts of many with the accurate skills and the tendency of formation that resulted in a masterpiece.  All these songs have a calculated form of structural integrity which makes the people dance to their beat. Songs are what keeps us alive in this hopeless time.

Elements that help in making ‘The Pound Of Music’:

The songs that are exhibited in the above charts are the most popular songs of this decade. These international numbers have continued to entertain people around the globe. But, the question is, why are they so popular and stand out from the rest?

Well, there are a few technical and theoretical elements that go into a song composition. These elements allow a song to connect with human emotions, therefore, it easily makes a spot in our minds. For better understanding, here are the five most effective steps of song composition.

  • Melody: 

One of the key factors of song composition. The melody is contemplated as the most rendering part of a song.  Melody is what finishes a song and provides the body with the rest. A procession of notes or pitches is the small stuff that creates a body known as a tune. 

After setting the pitcher, different tones will develop unique sounds depending on the extent of the pane of time implicated to it or the structurality of it which is manifested by the key of the song and other aspects. It is primarily an amalgamation of tone and time, sprawled or pitched concurrently to make the song more meticulous and melodious. If it is done properly, it will muster a sense of closeness in the listener. 

The tone of the composition has its own integrity which is expected to the phrasing of the sentence, the interval of the time, and the contouring of the melody. To make the tune turn into a melodious rhythmical innovation, the composer has to operate all of these characteristic entities into one perfect piece so that it becomes enjoyable. 

The melody divides in two ways. Known as up and down. The melody requires a supplement that will bring out the central melody. Several singers, bands utilize these skills to promote the aesthetic of the piece of art. 

  • Meter: 

The meter is extensively required in the realm of music. The meter is the element that forms a structured, aligned, and orchestrated formation. It is the cement that connects the whole piece together. It transpires as a form of beat and vibrations in the music. Mainly Hip hop, EDM, alternative rock are vibrant in these beats and pulses. 

The ordinary form of the best can be seen as it conserves a simplified technique of recited occurrence. The meter goes forcefully and mildly leaning on the pivotal pattern, time, and the fluctuation of the elements. 

  • Harmony: 

Many people have heard about it but a few only understand. Well, to create perfect harmony, the pitch, the main structural body of the composition has to be right. They are commonly vertically blended to formulate the result of a musical tune. If they aren’t beautifully packed together, then a mislaid tune will be cultivated and sound trash. The aligned pitches are also recognized as chords. 

These are the shape of an accessory that benefits the melody in a harmonious direction. The motes are the construction of each chord or triad shaped together. These tiny aspects create the tune, which when cataloged together along with another structural entity will develop a body of the piece.

  • Rhythm: 

The dressing of a song after giving it the structure and formation is remembered as rhythm. It is a step in creation where music comes to life. The procedure of the application is rhythm. The rhythms have to be of rare lengths and that is why rhythms are critical. The beats are significant and that is what makes a song hit.


Music has always been a unique piece of art. But in making β€˜The Pound Of Music’, the composer has to be sensible enough to put the right proportions of each element. Only, then a composition from any genre can make it to the top 10 of these International charts. But, in the end, a song that touches thy soul shall matter.

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