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Beats Universal

Let’s face it, even the most talented lyricists are not great at producing beats that match their music. Luckily there are options out there now to find sounds that can take your songwriting to the next level. And it does not have to break the bank.

We recently caught up with the team at Beats Universal to get a little insight on the beat making side of the independent music industry. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the decision to build Beats Universal?

Beats Universal is a music production company which was formed back in 2013 and consists of three producers who are currently based in the UK, USA and Greece.

We formed Beats Universal as a way to give music artists and rappers a centralized spot online where they could go to find high quality beats for sale in all genres and also music and artist services they can use to advance their music careers.

What drives you to help the independent artists with your company?

We understand how difficult it can be for upcoming and independent artists to make it in this business without any external help or a big budget, so we wanted to put our knowledge and skills in good use to help these artists, while at the same time doing something we love.

What is the best way for an artist to use the beats that Beats Universal provides?

Our beats are most often purchased and used by music artists and rappers who use our instrumentals for their songs, mixtapes and albums.

Where do all these innovative beats come from?

The Beats Universal team consists of 3 music producers / beatmakers with many years of experience, and each one of us specializes in different genres so we can cover most artists’ needs for high quality beats and instrumentals.

Which genres of artists have had the most success with your beats?

We produce beats in many different genres, but currently our main focus is on Rap, Hip Hop and Reggae beats. Lately, we’ve had a lot of artists requesting boom bap beats as well.

It seems the company has been growing. What other services do you provide?

Besides selling beats, we also provide various services to artists such as Mixing and MasteringMusic Website Design and Lyric Video Production services at affordable prices.

Share some advice for artists looking to gain traction in the crowded music industry?

You should always try to improve as an artist and also try to be unique in your own way and separate yourself from other artists instead of simply copying other popular artists out there.
And especially if you’re trying to grow your fanbase by yourself as an independent artist, make sure to learn about marketing and ways to promote your music and build a large following online, by eg being active on social media and engaging with your fans as much as possible, networking and collaborating with other artists and so on.

Give us a look at the future of Beats Universal?

We are always working on new beats and instrumentals, as well as on promoting our business so that even more artists will learn about us, and we’re aiming to be one of the top spots where music artists and rappers can go when looking to buy high quality beats and artist services online.
Feel free to visit our website at BeatsUniversal.com and connect with us on social media @BeatsUniversal

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