8 qualities all successful musicians possess


It’s no secret that the music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There are so many talented musicians fighting to earn a place in the spotlight and dreaming of making it big one day. For many artists, that day never comes, while for others everything seems to just fall into place. 

If you’re one of those people whose love for music knows no bounds and you want to share your art with the rest of the world, you’re probably wondering what it takes to make it in the industry. The truth is, nothing ever comes easy when you’re a musician, not even for those who seem to hold a special recipe that propels them to the top. There’s no secret behind their success stories. There’s some God-given talent, a lot of hard work, and a few great qualities they’ve learned to nurture and develop over time. 

So, if you want to find out what qualities all accomplished musicians have in common, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully, this will motivate you to adopt new habits and help you get one step closer to making your dreams come true. 

They set realistic goals 

Fantasizing about becoming a great musician one day and performing on the world’s greatest stages is perfectly fine as long as you don’t expect for it to happen overnight. Professional musicians know that the path to success is long and challenging and you can only reach an objective by putting one foot in front of the other and taking things one step at a time. They have big dreams, but they’re also grounded, they know how to set realistic goals and find viable strategies in order to turn them into reality. Success in the music world is as much about creativity as it is about making the right moves at the right moment. 

Hard work doesn’t scare them off

There are some who assume that being a musician is all fun and no work, when in reality the exact opposite happens. That’s probably because most people only see the final product, the exciting and glamorous side of it all, but they have no idea of the hard work musicians put in behind the scene. They have to juggle a million tasks and work from dusk till dawn to make things happen. And they don’t stop when times get rough. Instead, they find the motivation and power to push through and continue to work even harder than before. 

They’re masters at networking

Serious musicians know how important it is to have contacts in the right places. They have the talent and skills to thrive on their own, but that doesn’t mean they ignore the value of building a solid network. Meeting new people in the industry and establishing valuable relationships helps them seize opportunities that otherwise they might miss. From musicians and producers to managers and promoters, they have countless connections that can prove useful at some point. 

They find alternative ways to make money

Apart from being extremely creative when it comes to making music, they’re also creatives in other areas of their life as well. Smart musicians always find ways to stay afloat financially when their music doesn’t bring them enough money. Whether they put on street performances, teach music classes, promote other artists or run a side business, they’ll come up with ideas to generate money and supplement their income. Their minds are always busy looking for new opportunities to ensure financial stability while they’re pursuing their dreams. 

They take the good with the bad 

There are always two sides to a coin and that’s also true for the music industry. Accomplished musicians have the ability to wear many hats and take on different roles throughout their career, whether they like them or not. They’re willing to handle less creative tasks that bring them no pleasure, simply because somebody has to get them done. 

They’re artists, agents, managers, promoters, accountants, and many other things at the same time. They create music, organize schedules, plan tours, come up with marketing strategies, do the bookkeeping, look for the best insurance companies for their band, find sponsors, and so on. 

They know that practice makes perfect

Even musical prodigies have to practice every day to perfect their craft. No matter how talented you are, talent alone won’t get you anywhere without a lot of practice. Great musicians live by this rule and they enjoy practicing their skills day in and day out. What’s more, they don’t get stuck in a routine, wasting time on skills they already master. They take every opportunity to challenge themselves and improve those skills they’re not great at. 

They don’t cut corners 

True artists always stay true to themselves. There’s always going to be a lot of pressure from the outside to make a certain type of music that is popular with the public, to change your style, to keep up with industry trends etc. Do you think that real artists are willing to give up on their values and the qualities that make them who they are just to fit in and blend with the crowd? Absolutely not. Respected musicians always put authenticity above anything else. That’s what makes their music truly special and makes their art live on forever. 

They are persistent 

Standing out from the crowd in the music industry is no easy feat. But real artists are not scared of the competition and don’t back off at any given opportunity. Long working hours, lack of money, strong competitors, bad reviews, harsh comments are just some of the challenges they have to face and yet they don’t give up. Because music is what makes them tick, and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. They’ve learned that if you want to make it in this world, you have to grow a thick skin and keep on going even when the odds are not in your favor.

If you are willing to stick to these proven qualities and put in the required hard work, a career in music can be yours.

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