3 Reasons You Are Having Trouble Writing Your Own Songs


It’s one thing to sing and perform a song someone else wrote. But it’s another achievement in itself to write a song all on your own and perform it musically, too. Being a songwriter is tough. If you never wrote a song before or you feel that you are not the best at writing in general, we understand there may be some reasons that you are having trouble writing your own songs. 

Once you recognize the issues, you can find solutions to solve them. When you need an escape from music and songwriting, play fun casino games to take the edge off of excelling in your musical career. 

1. You Don’t Devote Enough Time to Brainstorming

You can’t just sit down in front of a Word document or a notebook with a pen and expect lyrics to pour on the page. While sometimes that can happen for some people, taking time to close your eyes and brainstorm inspiration without being in front of your laptop or a notebook is perhaps what you need the most. 


Take five to 10 minutes at a time to sit in a quiet place and brainstorm lyric ideas. What inspires you in life? What morals speak to you as a person? What are your favorite things to do with family and friends? Any feelings, endeavors, and places can inspire a song. 

2. You Are Not Being Patient

Sometimes song ideas may come to you when you are not actively looking for them. Attempting to constantly look for a song idea or deliberately piece lyrics together forcefully can cause failure when writing your song. 

As the saying goes: haste makes waste. Inspiration can come from anywhere and in any situation, so take your time to smell the roses to see what hits you in the inspiration department. 


Remain patient if you are having trouble coming up with lyrics. Go about your day as normal and at the end of it, reflect on what lessons you learned. You may just find the inspiration you are looking for through that reflective period. 

3. You Have To Rid Of Your Fears

Artists, whether songwriters, painters, authors, and the like, have to get over the hurdle of facing their fears. For songwriters, the fear is usually that no one will like their songs. Going into songwriting with that fear in mind can block you from creating your best work. Instead, reframe your mind with optimism and positivity to unblock your brain from its fears. 


Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud, “My songs can change the world no matter how many people like or dislike them.” Your song is bound to touch at least a few souls in the world who may need to hear the message of it for whatever reason in their lives. 

Final Thoughts

Daily self-evaluation and grounding will help you to write better song lyrics and find your passion when it comes to songwriting. As you get into a steady routine of doing it, everything will make more sense as you craft your lyrics. 

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