Brannon Honors the ‘Everyday Heroes’

‘Everyday Heroes’ by Brannon is a spiritual album for 2020. Each song is like a different anthem. Listening to each track is like examining a new moment of this incredibly bizarre year. ‘Everyday Heroes’ is made up of a mix of genres, ranging from alternative to pop to something reminiscent of country-western.

The album’s namesake, ‘Everyday Heroes’ has the flair of country with the melody of a pop tune. Simple and deeply innocent, this track says ‘thank you’ to the essential workers who have been on the front lines of the pandemic.

‘Everyday Heroes’ by Brannon

Most of us see the nurses and grocery store employees and mail carriers and find ourselves desperately searching for a way to thank them. With a great number of people struggling with finances, we have had to get creative. A song like this helps to express that.

‘Let It Go’ leans significantly toward alternative pop. With a catchy rhythm and upbeat lyrics, this song is a solid uplifting, feel-good melody that anyone can enjoy.

‘The Darkest Year’ is an excellent mix of melancholy and hope. It addresses all of the emotions that are constantly at war with each other as we navigate 2020. ‘The Darkest Year’ is pure catharsis in the best way.

‘Ghost’ is a bit of a departure from the rest of ‘Everyday Heroes’. Purely indie, this song feels extremely personal and intimate to the band. It speaks to the listener’s personal struggles with relationships, especially the struggles created in quarantine.

If you still are not convinced to give this album a try, ‘I’m Alive’ is a firm reminder of our own mortality in a truly uplifting sense. It reminds us that we are still here. It reminds us to make the best possible use of our time. Perhaps that is the true message of ‘Everyday Heroes’ – how important it is to make the most of our time.

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