Brannon Reaches For The Heartstrings On New Record


Finding your perfect musical partner has become much easier today. No longer do you have to be at the music clubs talking to strangers and hanging up singer-wanted flyers. The power and reach of the internet has created more musical connections than anything else. Luckily for us all, the band Brannon was formed through an online connection like this.

The musical project is studio based and is ready to release its third album now, all of which have been created entirely online. Brannon consists of award winning songwriter Jonathon Brannon and the extremely talented studio/session vocalist David Cagle. Together they create a beautiful sound that is warm, cozy, and relatable.

The songs find inspiration from everyday life. Jonathon Brannon is fearless as he shares stories directly from his heart. These are tales we can all relate to and feel the emotions of. Adding the mesmerizing vocals of David Cagle takes the songs to an even higher level of connection.  

On June 9th, 2017, the duo of Brannon is set to release the album The Road Less Traveled.  The 10-track record is set deep in the acoustic rock and singer-songwriter genres. The world-class engineering talent of Matty Trump was brought in on this one to make it ready for worldwide reach.



The record opens with the title track “The Road Less Traveled”.  It is a sweet and slow track that provides real motivation for the listener to pursue the same path as the team of Brannon.  The acoustic guitar pairs perfectly with the heartfelt vocals.  The emotions really creep in on “Tonight”.  The heartbreak of missing a partner creeps right out of the speakers.  We have all been there but Brannon lets us know it’s OK.  Memories can remain and still provide beauty.  

Some fantastic piano talent is shown on “Show Who You Are”.  The elegant melodies put a relaxed feeling in your bones as you just sit back and let the song wash over you. There is an upkick of energy on “Fire”. The country-tinged guitar strumming and vocal harmonies will get your head bopping along as a love story is told.

The respect for the women that have made life better continues on “Wonder Woman”. The way Brannon is able to share his life and let the listener feel as if the song was written about their own life is remarkable. The album closes fittingly with “End Of The Tunnel”. The beauty remains as guitar and vocals pair again to create a full sound to allow us to be fully enveloped in the songwriting.

Keep a lookout on all digital platforms for the new album on June 9th.  Follow the story of Brannon and find more music on their WEBSITE.


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